About Us


As a corporate citizen our ethos has always been to give back to our community and fulfill our responsibilities to ensure that we contribute towards creating a stronger and better tomorrow.

Current CSR Initiative

We have adopted the “Arehalli School” in Uttarhallii, Bangalore. Arehalli is a residential school with 300 students, of 70 students are residing students. We believe that education is the key to empowerment, and have adopted this school providing support in the form of maintenance and also sponsor two faculty members.

We also provide proper amenities to the residing students such as sleeping bags, toiletries etc. Apart from financial support, we take a keen interest in the performance of the students; our staff members often visit the school and interact with the students.

Werner Finley pledges to remain committed to community service and are keen to expand our efforts and initiatives as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.