Werner Finley offers heat exchanger systems for various applications depending on the requirement of the customer. These heat exchangers are built for critical applications such as solar inverters, metallizer machines, test rigs & others.

Heat Exchanger System

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  • Air to Fluid heat exchangers are solutions meant for applications such as solar, wind & other energy generation plants. Most of these plants are situated in remote areas such as deserts, valleys etc. which are not accessible easily. Considering this, the heat exchangers are designed very ruggedly and can withstand the harsh environmental conditions needing less attention.
  • Fluid to Fluid heat exchangers are solutions given for applications such as food processing, test rigs etc. where contamination of the process fluid is a major concern. These systems are also called Isolation units where the heat exchangers are designed to maintain process fluid & cooling media (Cooling tower water) in two separate circuits
  • These systems are customized based on the customer’s specific application & demand. Werner Finley can also offer standard design of heat exchangers to match the customer’s demand.